The Baby In Yellow

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Do you possess the courage to spend a few nights in a rather gloomy mansion, taking care of a baby wearing a yellow outfit? Despite the house looks somewhat scary, babysitting doesn’t seem too daunting. So it is worth trying on a new role! Initially, everything appears perfectly ordinary. However, very soon, you will find yourself confused by some things. It seems that certain objects are changing positions, and it happened without your participation! Who can do it? You seem to be the only adult in the house. Is it a mere lapse in your memory? Moreover, you’ll notice something dreary in the gaze of the baby. Is there anything wrong with your ward?

What does the baby hide?

As you continue your daily tasks, you will try to avoid these strange things. But then, something weird will happen, and you cannot pretend it is still fine. The baby vanishes without a trace! You cannot understand how it could happen, and you must find the baby at any cost. Yet, he is nowhere to be found! The only solution is to thoroughly search every room within this eerie residence. But soon, you will discover that it is riddled with nightmarish traps and obstacles. To unlock the family’s secrets, you’ll need to solve countless puzzles and collect clues. Are you brave enough to dig out the chilling truth about the baby

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