Choo Choo Charles Revenge

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Choo Choo Charles Revenge will prove to you in practice that revenge is really a dish that works perfectly only when it is cold. The new version of the mystical and horrible shooter will unfold before you the story on behalf of Charles Choo Choo. Get ready for the fact that this character will show himself from another side. However, in this part you will have to fulfill difficult missions, face creepy characters, fight with enemies and escape from scary monsters. At the same time, the gorgeous gameplay will allow you to fully enjoy the gameplay and get the maximum pleasure from the new adventure. So, start your way!

At the start, attention… cool action!

A terrifying monster in the form of a huge shabby iron train with a demonic soul continues to keep the whole island in fear. The locals are tired of fighting the chilling horror on their own and their resistance is not enough, because defeating the spider is not easy. The creature feeds on people’s emotions: the more they are, the stronger and more powerful it becomes. Most of the islanders went over to the side of evil to save their lives. You will have to fight not only the main character, but also defeat his minions. The monster hides in his lair, and at night comes out to do evil. To get to him first, you need to pass numerous levels and bypass hundreds of traps. You will be able to do it if you get a machine gun and pump up your skills.

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