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Step into the unsettling world of Phasmophobia. Here you will finally understand what real fear means! You will assume the role of a ghost investigator. Your hero needs to embark on a spine-chilling journey through the abandoned residence. And your main task is to search for paranormal entities. Armed with specialized tools designed for detection, you will navigate the eerie halls and classify these unconventional beings. For this, you will have a list of possible attributes. Are you truly ready for this harrowing challenge? Only the smartest players will manage with this task!

You really need courage!

You must be incredibly brave. The supernatural entities you encounter are not just cunning. They do not tolerate your intrusion. You must overcome your fear to pinpoint their elusive whereabouts. Look around to find some clues. Besides, do not ignore critical indicators such as temperature, activity levels, and footprints – all these are visible through your specialized instruments. Will you have the skills to succeed in the ominous realm of Phasmophobia? The answer lies in your determination and an unwavering spirit. Do not let these ugly creatures terrify you!

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