Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood

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Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood – sweet dessert can poison your whole life! Don’t neglect safety rules and pay attention to strange and incomprehensible things. If you like complex and unexpected plots, you will definitely like this puzzle-style game in the adventure genre. At first glance, the scenario is very simple: your friend is kidnapped by a villain and taken away in a truck selling ice cream. But the situation is complicated by the fact that now the development of the plot will depend only on your bravery and courage. Will you risk to follow the truck to rescue your friend from trouble, if you know for sure that your life will be in danger?

Will you accept the challenge?

The game really turned out to be very atmospheric. You have to play as a hero who will find himself in the very center of heartbreaking events. Get ready! You will definitely be creepy and scary. There will be a meeting with an evil ice cream man, for whom stealing children is a kind of hobby. But why does he do it and what purpose does he pursue? Before plunging headfirst into the game world, choose a mode of passage. If you feel strong, you can stop at the maximum level of difficulty. But remember, the speed of your enemy’s atrocities depends on it. Move through different locations, find clues, solve puzzles and get items that will lead you to the lair of the criminal. At the end you must defeat the maniac and save the child.

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