Grimace Only Up!

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Only Up: Grimace is a cool platformer that has become globally popular. The great demand for the game can be explained by the exciting plot, which takes the hero into the world of incredibly thrilling sensations. Emotions in the literal sense will be off the scale, because you will have to walk on the very edge of dangerous structures, bypass deadly traps and try to keep your balance at a dizzying height.

Who will help you pass the tests?

Take with you a cute assistant – Grimace. This character immediately disposes to himself with his incredible charisma and agility. He moves perfectly in space, bypasses floating objects, so he will be able to help you pass all levels decently. Before you is a world that is full of deadly traps. If you make even one wrong step, you will fall and your game will end with an upsetting loss. What is your main goal? Each level is a new game map. You see different obstacles floating in the air in front of you. Your task is to make your way so that you move forward, climb higher and reach the final destination. Do not hurry to get to the finish line, so that you do not make a fatal mistake and have time to dodge the trap. In the game you will be accompanied by bright graphics, interesting story, unexpected plot development and different in difficulty obstacles. Go only up, jump and grimace, enjoy the adventure!

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