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All fans of horror games know and love the FNAF series. It includes a whole bunch of adventures with animatronics. If you played at least one chapter, you know that every time, you play for a character that stays locked in one location with insane toys. And the main target is to survive in this dangerous confrontation.

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What is new in Five Nights at Freddy’s Plus?

Actually, the plot remains very close to the original story. You play for a night guard in the pizzeria who needs to work at night. This place is very popular thanks to robotic toys that actively entertain both kids and adults. But the hero does not have even the slightest suspicion that these toys will turn his life into a nightmare when he remains alone. Funny toys go through some crazy transformation and turn into bloodthirsty creatures. They immediately start chasing the poor guy, trying to deal with him. So now you completely forget about your job – your main purpose is to remain alive and avoid the meeting with enemies! The FNAF PLUS version comes with a lot of new details that fully modify the walkthrough. You will see all animatronics from the old scenario, but you will also meet a new one here. You will notice that all surveillance cameras have been displaced and now you need to develop a new strategy to efficiently watch the position of your adversaries. You need to hold out till the morning, and all you can do to avoid a painful outcome is to keep insane toys at a distance.

Trick them all!

The task of the player remains the same as in previous adventures – you need to survive five long nights in this terrible place and not fall a victim of evil monsters. It will not be an easy thing to deal with so many enemies at once. The best approach is to stay in your office and lock the door whenever you see anybody approach too close. But you will see that the office in FNAF PLUS has been remade too – it became much smaller and you will find it much more difficult to act here. From time to time, you will experience problems with the electricity generator – in this case, you will have to get out of your office and go to fix the issue. It will be a real struggle as the cameras in the reworked version are all in different places. And even if you remember the location from the previous parts, now you will see it from a completely new angle. It will be extremely difficult to navigate here, and you should be abnormally attentive not to bump into one of the animatronics. You will need to act in the partial darkness which makes the walkthrough even more thrilling. But you will not ignore this new version of your favorite horror game, will you? Join now to prove you are not afraid of mad toys and can mislead them with ease! All you need is logic and agility to outperform the evil creatures. Good luck!

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