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Backrooms is your unique ticket to a new horror game. Even before you start, all the terrifying traps will be set. The difference of this world is that it will take you to another dimension. An infinite number of roads, turns and corridors. An empty space with not a single piece of furniture, poorly lit. And you are never left with the feeling that evil is present here. Can one room be infinite? There seem to be walls, ceiling and floor, partitions, but there is no way out. Are you going crazy or are you in another reality? The creepy place with atmospheric lighting and worn carpets throughout the room evoke genuine fear in your soul.

Move quietly so as not to disturb the evil!

Everything here is strange. You don’t know how you got here, how long you’ve been here: a week, two weeks, maybe a year? There’s no one around but you. Or maybe you can hear yourself now? Or is someone following you down these creepy corridors? There are too many questions, and the answer to all of them is only one – if you are not careful, you will find yourself in an endless trap. However, that’s not the worst thing that can happen to you. Something dark, soulless and evil is watching you around the next corner. You could fall victim to the infinite space at any moment, it will just swallow you up! Move quietly so that something doesn’t hear you.

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