The Backrooms

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We’ve all had dreams where we get into some strange place and can’t find a way out of it. Only when it’s a dream, we eventually wake up. And playing The Backrooms, you’ll have to continue your search until you succeed. Or until the time is up. Anyway, it’s going to be a thrilling and mind-boggling adventure because here nothing is clear!

You’ll find yourself in what looks like an endless corridor with yellow walls. There is nothing else here – just a lot of doors leading to rooms no less mysterious and puzzling. Every room contains a certain number of objects that have no apparent connection between them. Your task is to figure out how they can be put together to achieve some kind of a result. Most of the items are interactive – you can pick them up, carry them around, put them onto each other and perform a lot of other interesting manipulations with them. The main thing is to understand the logic of all this – or simply act intuitively trying all possible ways. Sooner or later, you will stumble upon some kind of a solution. But whether it’s right or not remains to be seen…

There are many riddles like that waiting for you in the game. The conditions of every session can also be different – sometimes you are free to roam around these yellow halls for as long as you like, sometimes you’ll be pressed for time. Aside from the generally uneasy atmosphere, there is also some sort of danger lurking among these passages – you need to watch out and stay alert if you want to survive… Yes, there is a chance that you can die here if you’re not careful enough… Start your journey through this nightmare right now and see how soon you’re going to get totally paranoid!

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