FNAF Security Breach

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The FNAF series has become extremely popular among players all over the world. And it encourages the creators to release a new chapter with a fresh adventure. This time it is called FNAF Security breach! All events unfold in a huge shopping center PizzaPlex. It belongs to Freddy Fazbear who used to run the famous pizzeria with animatronics. Now, he has built a spacious entertainment complex, and of course did not forget to install all robotic toys here as well to attract more visitors. The main character also changed in this chapter. You will no longer play for a night guard. This time, your hero is a little boy, Gregory. One day, he was one of the PizzaPlex visitors, but he was so engaged in playing that did not notice that he remained here completely alone. The working day came to its end, and everyone left the place. Now, the boy is locked here for the whole night! But he does not know yet what a terrible adventure awaits him! The boy will find out that the toys that were peacefully playing with children just a few hours ago came to life!

And they do not longer look to be in a good mood. Animatronics became angry and even aggressive. They have immediately understood that a potential victim is around and will start their hunting at the same moment. Vanessa, the night guard, will also take the side of the antagonists and will act against Gregory. And the most unexpected thing is that the boy will have an assistant this time. You will not believe but it will be Freddy who will help Gregory at certain moments. Meanwhile, you need to join the hero and help him avoid the meeting with evil toys. The location is very big, and you need to find some inconspicuous places to hide whenever you see an enemy approaching too close. The game will allow you to use different tricks to mislead your antagonists. You will have to carefully monitor the movements of your enemies in order to run away from them in time. Use any place where you can wait out the threat and keep looking around. You must survive through the night as in the morning, the animatronics will turn back into harmless toys. Luckily, you will have some devices that will simplify the walkthrough. These include a smart watch that predicts the steps of the animatronics and other gadgets that are needed for survival. You will only need to use them wisely to proceed. If you are intrigued – start this thrilling adventure with no delay!

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