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Have you played all chapters of the popular FNAF series? This horror game has already conquered the hearts of all thrill seekers. And if you are one of them, you will be delighted to know that a new remake has been released. So if you missed your adventures with crazy animatronics, you will have an exclusive chance to meet these thrilling personages again! A new chapter has been created by a new author – Phil Morg. Roughly, the plot will be repeated in general. The main character is a young man who has just received a new job in the pizzeria. Nothing looked wrong until the guy remained alone after the work day. As soon as all visitors and employees left the place, the hero felt something fishy is going around. It is more than clear that the protagonist is not alone here. But who is around if he locked all the doors by himself? Soon, you will discover the terrible truth – friendly animatronics that used to entertain pizzeria visitors turned into live creatures. But now they are angry and evil! There is no one around to help you – so, a seemingly simple job will transform into a thrilling survival adventure. You need to invent something to remain alive till the morning.

However, for this, you will have to keep at a safe distance from your enemies. And it will be a real struggle! The new chapter has been seriously modified on the part of details. The developer has paid serious attention to all elements and nuances, making it more difficult now to fend off treacherous animatronics. This time, the hero’s office is designed with amazing accuracy but it became less spacious. It means it will become a trial to monitor the whereabouts of evil toys and, at the same time, lock the door in time. In addition, all cameras have been rearranged in this new chapter. So you cannot use your previous gaming experience to simplify your walkthrough in this new episode. Now, cameras will show you pizzeria premises from a totally new angle. With regard to animatronics, you will see all the old faces that you already met in the original game. But a new toy will also appear in this reworked version. Your role remains the same – you need to survive through the night and not allow the enemies to catch you. There are many puzzles and quests to solve to keep antagonists at a safe distance. So it all depends on your logic and agility whether you will be able to trick around all these bloodthirsty creatures. Are you ready to accept this challenge?

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