FNAF Plus 2

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Have you already played all parts of the FNAF series and now miss crazy adventures with animatronics? We have thrilling news – you can meet your favorite characters again in a new remake based on the original FNAF story. This time, it was developed by a different author, but the main events fully match the initial plot. You start in the pizzeria, a popular place for children and adults where visitors also enjoy lovely animatronics. Your hero comes to work here as a night guard. And he is not ready to face evil toys when his first night shift begins. Even if you roughly know what is about, be ready for a completely new gameplay. It was a primary goal of this remake to impress FNAF fans with new exciting content and details. All elements have been fully reworked and you will notice it from the first minutes.

The office of the main character changed in two ways – it is now designed with more accuracy but, at the same time, it became much smaller. Overall, it is now more difficult to monitor your enemies through the cameras and you need more agility to lock the doors in time. Still, you should keep an eye on your opponents as they will use every chance to reach you. You will recognize the majority of them – these personages are the same as in the original plot. But also, you will see a new toy added to this remade adventure. You will have to do all possible things not to allow the antagonists into your office or you will be buried in this place forever. There are many quests to complete to trick your treacherous adversaries. It will not be easy to act against a whole bunch of enemies. Even if you already played FNAF, you will enjoy completely new gameplay, thanks to modified elements. Will you manage to outperform all your enemies again? Check it out now!

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