Baby in Yellow

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What do you need to be a good nanny? It seems that nothing much. This is really a job that is easy to do if you have a minimal experience with babies. And that’s what the main heroine of this game thought when she got hired as a baby-sitter for the weekend. At first, everything was ok. Warming up a bottle of milk, washing the little one and putting him to bed. And then you’re free to watch TV or while away your time in any other way. But after a while, strange things started happening… And what looked like a dream job turned into a real nightmare.

Playing Baby in Yellow, you need to deal with a possessed child who launches bizarre supernatural phenomena when he is upset or angry. So your first and foremost task is to keep him as calm and happy as you can. That means aptly reacting to any of the icons appearing on the screen. If you hear the baby cry – run to him immediately! Neglecting the kid or, even worse, throwing him around (and that can be done in the game, literally) will have fatal consequences. It will begin with strange noises, flickering lights and trembling furniture. And then you will start seeing far more disturbing signs that you are in danger. For instance, the baby himself hanging in the mid-air, his head spinning 360 degrees and eyes glinting evil red.

Is there something you can do about it? Actually, yes! Somewhere in the house, there is an amulet that you need to find and use to exorcise the poor child. If you manage to do it, the problem will be solved and the kid will get back to normal. And note that you can die in the process, so be very careful! This game will definitely appeal to everyone who loves suspenseful horror stories that evolve gradually, bit by bit, rather than throwing you off with creepy screamers at once. The whole quest won’t take you a long time to pass. Plunge into the eerie atmosphere of Baby in Yellow and enjoy this spooky adventure online!

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